Tuberculosis Control

Even if 36 million patients with tuberculosis were successfully treated and up to 6 million lives were saved during the past 15 years, tuberculosis remains a major public health problem. Still, more than 9 million cases occur every year. Unfortunately, only about half of the expected cases are identified yearly and receive proper care.

Our research group works to develop novel interventions to diagnose, treat, and thus stop transmission of tuberculosis (see list of publications). Through operational research we aim to improve public health interventions and treatment of diseases in real-life situations.

Most recently we asked: Is active case finding necessary to control tuberculosis in developing countries? In a series of papers, Daniel Datiko Gemetchu documented that involving of health extension workers (HEWs) in sputum collection and treatment improved smear-positive case detection and treatment success rate, possibly because of an improved service access. This finding has policy implications and could be applied in settings with low health service coverage and a shortage of health workers.

Recently, National TB Control Programme in Ethiopia started to decentralize case finding and treatment to local communities (in Ethiopia called kebeles) using community based-treatment by health extension workers.

We now plan to follow up our earlier studies and develop a model for community DOTS in rural Ethiopia. We will try to develop community-based tuberculosis registries, and registries of patients with symptoms suggestive of tuberculosis.  Through this work we aim to see if active case finding and treatment outcomes can be improved on a larger scale and involving larger populations

Publications on tuberculosis:

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