“Every fallen is a brother and a friend”

Norway is a peaceful and harmonious society, and is very open. On July 22, this was shattered by a massacre at a youth camp at Utøya, and a bombing in the capital, Oslo. At least 76 people were killed in the attacks, many were injured and some are still missing.

On May 17th, 1940, after the start of war in Norway, the famous Norwegian poet Nordahl Grieg wrote: “Vi er så få her i landet, Hver fallen er bror og venn” My English translation is: “We are so few in this country, Every fallen is a brother and a friend”.

The worst atrocity in Norway since World War II was done by a 32 year old Norwegian.

Norway after July 22 will be different from what is was before this national tragedy. In the days after this national tragedy, many hundred thousand people in Norway have in public expressed their deep sorrow. All are defiant, and are determined that this national tragedy won’t undermine the values our country stands for: peace, democracy, solidarity, openness and tolerance.

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