Important health research from Ethiopia

Although the disease burden among people in the developing world is much larger than that of the rich countries, most of health research is on health problems for the rich.

Peer-reviewed journal from countries such as Ethiopia are not widely read. However, journals such as Ethiopian Journal of Health Development contains many important studies for improving health care in the country, as shown in some examples of references below.

Tadele G. ‘Unrecognized victims’: Sexual abuse against male street children in Merkato area, Addis Ababa. Ethiop J Hlth Dev. 2009;23(3):174-82.

Ayalew Astatkie and Amsalu Feleke (2009). Utilization of insecticide treated nets in Arba Minch Town and the malarious villages of Arba Minch Zuria District, Southern Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Health Development, 23 (3), 206-215

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