Publications on Reducing Maternal Deaths

Yaya Y, Lindtjørn B. High maternal mortality in rural south-west Ethiopia: estimate by using the sisterhood method. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2012; 12: 136.

Girma M, Yaya Y, Gebrehanna E, Berhane Y, Lindtjørn B. Lifesaving emergency obstetric services are inadequate in south-west Ethiopia: a formidable challenge to reducing maternal mortality in Ethiopia. BMC Health Services Research 2013; 13(1):459.

Yaya Y, Eide KT, Norheim OF, Lindtjørn B. Maternal and neonatal mortality in south-west Ethiopia: Estimates and socio-economic inequality. Under review in PLoS ONE (2014)

Yaya Y, Data T, and Lindtjørn B. Maternal mortality in rural Ethiopia: Feasibility of community-based birth registration by the Health Extension Workers (Manuscript submitted 2014).

Master Degree Thesis

Tadesse Data. Quality check household survey on community birth registry in Bonke woreda in Gamu Gofa Zone in South-west Ethiopia. 2011.Addis Continental Institute of Public Health and University of Gondar.

Meseret Girma Abate. Assessment of availability and utilisation of Emergency Obstetric Care Services In Gamo Gofa Zone, SNNRP, Ethiopia. 2011. Addis Continental Institute of Public Health and University of Gondar.

Ongoing Master degree research projects:

Rahel Tesfaye. Assessment Of Quality Of Intrapartum Care In   Gamo-Gofa Zone, SNNRP, Ethiopia. Arba Minch University, expected to finish in 2014.

Demeke Damota. Factors affecting institutional delivery in Arba Minch Town (Gamo Gofa Zone). Expected to finish in 2014.

Zillo Zidda. Topic: Results of Caesarean sections done in the RMM project.  Arba Minch University, expected to finish in 2015.

Demissew Mitike. Topic: Increasing institutional delivery rates in Seggen Zone.  Arba Minch University, expected to finish in 2015.

Planned publications:

Reducing maternal mortality in South Ethiopia: Results of a decentralised health care model (2008 – 2013): 2014 Manuscript.

Preliminary reports:

Lindtjørn B. Caesarean sections done by health officers in south-west Ethiopia. See Report (26. November 2009).